Little things

I appreciate authentic gestures, no matter how small they are.

We’ve got a couple of people at work who are remote.  They fly in once or twice a month, hang out for a day or three and fly home.  I think both of them are intimidated by driving here, so they have taken ubers for awhile now.  That does a couple of things:  a) they tend to schedule flights so that arrive close to one another and spend a lot of time at the airport waiting for one another so they can share a ride b) they tend to give other employees puppy-dog eyes to sucker us into picking them up in the morning, dropping them off, and spending time with them because after doing this for years, they’re bored silly in the hotel.

There’s a woman at work that I used to hang out with a lot.  We’d go walk for lotto tickets together, which was really an excuse to get out of the office and vent.  She moved here so that her and her BF could be closer to his family.  Then he went and started a business that’s had him in Minneapolis for the last six months with no end in site.  She didn’t hate it here, but she didn’t love it either.  So she wanted to move back to Louisiana so that she’d at least be by friends and family if they weren’t going to be together.  Their lease is up in September so she was starting to plan around that.

After talking about it, they really decided that what they wanted was just to be together, and they didn’t want to wait, so she broke the lease and moved to Minneapolis recently.  She’s been a rock-star employee, so the company offered her the opportunity to work remotely.  She’s back in town for the first time this week but unlike the others rented a car and then promptly got stuck being a chauffeur for them.

We were supposed to hang out tonight, but she got roped into carting them all around.  I’m not really dating anyone right now and the Boy is with his mom this week.  There’s been a lot of weird stuff going on at work that has my spidey-sense tingling.  It was raining here this afternoon and I had to be at work earlier than normal, so I came home, took a nap, then was doing a bunch of unappealing chores while waiting to see if she was going to call.  After a certain point I went and grabbed dinner.

There’s nothing going wrong, life is fairly good.  But sometimes, when the house is too quiet and I have too much time on my hands, I can get a case of the mopes.  I never quite know what leads me down that route, it just happens sometimes.  Tonight had the potential to go that way, all the ingredients were there.

The girl from work texted me tonight.  Apologized for not being able to hang tonight and asked if we could “Plan for tomorrow?  Like a real date and time?”  I said sure, but I also said if it doesn’t happen, it’s ok, I get that the other people could drag her into things again.  She was just really insistent that we’d hang tomorrow and I don’t know why, but that was like a salve on a burn I wasn’t aware I had.


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