Day 7

Woke up on Day 7 at my parents’ place.  Dad was feeling pretty craptastic and would get up for a few minutes, walk around, try and sit, hate it after a few minutes and go lay back down again.  He was still pretty wiped out from spending the night in the hospital.  He had his work done at the Mayo clinic, which is an incredibly nice facility but at the end of the day it’s still a hospital.

He and I had been looking at an old laptop when I was there a couple days before, trying to decide whether he needed a new one or not.  I’d send him a solid state hard drive (SSD) a couple months before for another project and he hadn’t used it.  I thought that might speed things up a bit, so while he was napping I rode the motorcycle to the local Fry’s Electronics and got some goodies.  I came back, made a bootable USB thumb drive with a Windows 10 .iso file I’d downloaded while I was gone and installed the new SSD into the laptop and installed Windows 10 with the original installation code.  This project kept me busy most of the morning and early afternoon.  Once I got the laptop up and running, it was a little zippier and I started updating it and configuring it to his specific preferences.  He seemed engaged and happy with it.

Dad seemed to be doing pretty well.  Mom had taken a bit of time off, between a month at the end of 2016, two weeks for their Europe trip and then the weekend and some days earlier this week for the surgery so she felt like she needed to get back to work.  We talked about it and decided I’d stay another day or two so that Dad wouldn’t be alone.

I had a friend in town and Dad seemed to be doing ok and Mom was with him, so I headed out to hang out with them.  They were only here for a short while, and had never seen Arizona before, so I took them out on 60 to Superior because it was close, has great view and I wanted to turn around at Superior and come back into the city as the sun was setting.  We timed it perfectly and they got some gorgeous views.

After totally geeking out for awhile, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse and saw the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast”.  Mock all you want, I’m okay with it.  A) I’m a sucker for a good musical B) I’d seen the animated version and it was fun to see the transition and C) it had Emma Watson and she’s a cutie D) they had this Mr. Pineapple beer that was amazing and I was happy to sit anywhere for 2 hours and drink one of those.

Dropped my friend off at their hotel and headed home for the night.  It wasn’t an exciting or super productive day but it felt good to help Mom and Dad out a little and to see Dad doing better.  And even though it wasn’t a super long ride, I still got a couple hours in with gorgeous views.  It was pretty neat to see the difference in downtown Gilbert and Chandler since when I lived here.


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