Day 4

Mom and Dad just got back from Europe.  My little sister took them to Rome, Spain and France.  It’s a trip that was planned for awhile, so my folks were thrilled to find out when Dad’s operation was scheduled that he’d still be able to go.  Because Mom took so much time off for the trip and then was asking for this week off to be with Dad during/after the surgery, she had to work Friday and Saturday and I didn’t get to see much of her.  So it was nice to have her around on Day 4.  I got up early and wrestled with myself (no, that’s not a euphemism.  Get your mind out of the gutter!) about whether to go for a run or not.  My parent’s neighborhood backs right up to protected land with lots of hiking and biking trails and I usually like to do some trail runs when I’m there.  But I’m NOT a morning person and if I want to run, I generally need to leave by 6:00am to get out, run and get back before the heat hits.

I ended up deciding to go and had a great run, but waited a little too long.  I took an out and back path and the return run was miserable.  By the time I got home Dad was up and done with the paper so I headed outside to give the motorcycle a quick wash.  I wanted to get the magnesium chloride residue off of it and a fair bit of the bug guts.  He did a WONDERFUL job supervising the process.

After we finished, Mom was up, so we headed out for breakfast and had a good day.  Stopped by the Harley dealer so I could get a poker chip and drool over the bikes, went to Costco so they could get some stuff and I could show them turmeric, which I’ve been trying to get them to take for awhile now.  And you should take it too, if you have aches and pains.  Got some chocolate cake donuts with coconut sprinkles and then headed home.  I hung out with them for awhile, then left for Tucson.  I took 87 out of Chandler to Florence, then 79 to Oracle Junction to 77 into the city.  I wanted to stay off the interstate and travel some roads I hadn’t been on in decades.  It was a great ride.  Gorgeous if you can appreciate desert landscapes.

The “highlight” of the trip was hitting a swarm of some giant, unknown variety of bugs.  I ended up with bug guts and goo all over me and the bike.  Couldn’t wait to check into my hotel and wash that off of me and then I spent the evening headed back to old haunts.  Lucky Wishbone for shrimp, eegee’s for frozen drinks then riding on Hacienda Del Sol and Sunset to get some great views of the city and see my old house.

I got back to the hotel and it was nice to just enjoy some solitude.  Love my parents, but it was kind of emotionally intense to be with them.  Cancer has just screwed with our family so much, and the anticipation of the surgery, minor as it is, was a little nerve wracking.  Dad’ll probably be fine but it’s a painful reminder that he’s 75 and the pain of loss is coming.  Maybe not tomorrow, but someday.  Having the ride to clear my mind and the happiness of old favorite foods and views was great.


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