You run your race…

and I’ll run mine.

A couple days ago I wrote a post about not understanding people who want to turn motorcycling into a group activity.

I was just ranting.  If that works for you/them?  That’s awesome.  And I get it to some extent.  I’ve had people push me to apply to some veteran MCs, but I choose not to because of some of the rules and regulations.  I miss the comradery, not the rank and structure of the military.  And generally when I ride, I want to be on my own schedule, free to stop when I want to, spend forever taking photos, etc.  And just get lost in my head, sort stuff out.  But I could see the fun in sharing some of the beauty of the world and the experiences on the road with someone.  Poker runs or a ride for lunch and beers at some small mountain town with a good group of guys.

Much like the rest of life, it’d just be easier if there was a scarlet letter you could wear.  “E” for extrovert and “I” for innie.  So when people saw you, they’d know whether you wanted to make small talk or not.  I appreciate the compliments on my bike, but I’d rather be on my own when I’m alone.  Anyways, didn’t mean to sound too snarky the other day about guys on the other side of the fence, I’m glad they’ve found something that makes them happy.


One thought on “You run your race…

  1. Dude its all good, I ride mostly alone for the most part. I am part of a Combat Vets Motorcycling Association which does a ton of good for Veterans Causes but b/c its an Association so there are not the rules to follow.

    Honestly, would love to be part of an MC but with a full time job, two boys, and a wife, its really hard. So I just try to ride as much as possible and try my best to help out Vets when possible.

    Keep rolling forward, charge ahead and be safe!!!!

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