Solitary Man

That songs been running through my head for awhile now.  I leave for a ten-day motorcycle trip tomorrow.  When someone hears about it, their first question is usually “Where are you going?” and the second is almost always “Who are you going with?”

I’ve never understood motorcycle clubs (MCs).  When they first started exploding in popularity it was after one of the world wars and a lot of vets were returning and joined for the camaraderie and a lot of the MCs still have rank structures similar to a military organization.  But considering how few people are actually veterans today, I don’t get the appeal.  What’s especially funny to me is when you see a guy wearing a “lone wolf” type t-shirt under a leather vest with the colors and patches of a MC that he’s a member of.

Personally I prefer to ride alone.  There’s a couple people that I wouldn’t hate riding for extended periods with, but it’s never come up, because most of the people who know how to just enjoy the quiet don’t own motorcycles.  While there’s something about having a cute girl on the back of the bike with her arms around you, even then, it’s only fun for a little while, it’s not something I dream about when I think about taking a long, multi-day ride.

Motorcycles are loud.  Sure you can add a 1up seat, but at speed unless you buy an intercom system it’s hard to carry a conversation.  They’re inherently dangerous.  Not only are you assuming a lot of extra risk for yourself if you have someone on your bike or on a bike adjacent to you, you’re assuming additional risk for those with you and around you.  Just by nature it seems like it should be a solitary experience, forcing it to be a communal thing has always seemed weird to me.

I rode the bike that I’m taking on the trip to work today so that I could stop for gas on the way home to be ready to go.  As I was coming through one intersection a guy on a motorcycle pulled into the lane behind me and at the next red light pulled up next to me.  We proceeded to have an awkward conversation that he initiated while we waited for the light to change.  Why, oh why, couldn’t we just have done the manly head nod of acknowledgement and left it at that?  He had earphones in, just keep listening to your music.

It’s going to be a fun trip.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited by it.  But the part of me that is awkward and hates small talk is dreading all the stops on the way for gas or food or a hotel for the night where someone is going to want to strike up a conversation.



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