An Old Friend

And I mean, someone who knew me as a kid and not a chronologically old person, reconnected with me a couple months ago.  They sent me a funny joke and when I thanked them for it, this is what they said:

Just wanted to make you smile. Something tells me you don’t smile enough, unless it has to do with your kid or your dog.

It’s funny, I like to think of myself as a happy-go-lucky guy, and I like to think that I find some happiness everyday.  But someone says something like that and I always wonder what vibe I give off to others, how I’m perceived.

I was at a trade-show type event this last weekend, something hosted by the organization that I work for.  I had time to kill, so I helped out on the registration desk.  Someone came up and after a few minutes of talking to him, he called me the nicest guy there.  That really rocked me back and made me laugh a little.  In my mind I’ve got to be one of the more unappreciated people at work because I tend to be pretty opinionated and have gotten into some decent arguments at work.  And I’m a little awkward so it’s hard to imagine me being really personable.

Funny to see the differences in perspective.


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