The last morning

I’m laying in bed in a hotel room in Albuquerque, Nm.  I’m sick, exhausted, sore in some areas and in a lot of pain in others.  And yet it was an amazing, wonderful trip.  There were some moments of misery, but at no time was the trip miserable, if that makes sense?  There were a couple of interpersonal moments with friends and family that sucked, but they would’ve sucked anyway, whether I was in the trip or at home.

It’s been a great distraction mentally and emotionally.  We still don’t have Dad’s pathology reports back yet, work is a mess, there’s some ugly relationship stuff going on.  And I didn’t dwell on any of that while traveling.  Thought about it, yes.  But didn’t dwell and obsess on it til it made me miserable.

I wish I could’ve seen more and done more.  I wish the weather didn’t suck as bad as it did.  But this close to the end, I have to say that it’s been perfect and everything that happened, happened for a positive reason.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program…

… for this breaking news:

Earlier this month I submitted two photos for a juried art exhibit at a museum.  The exhibit starts in July and runs through November.

I got the notice for the call for submissions late last month, then hemmed and hawed about whether to submit for a couple days.  Then procrastinated for a few more.  In the end, I ended up submitting two pieces with just a day to spare before the deadline.

Both pieces were accepted!  I’m going to have two of my photos hanging in a museum!  Looks like more travel in my future, they invited me to attend opening night.

Day 9

Lessons learned:

  • Bring base layers and/or grid fleece pieces.  They aren’t doing me any good back home in my dresser.
  • Bring spare fuses
  • Bring a long sleeved Under Armour tee – again, not doing me any good at home
  • Bring a hat to hide the helmet hair off bike

Dad did great the day before.  Multiple walks, sat up most of the day and was in great spirits.  Woke up Friday and he was still doing good so after we went for a walk, I took a shower and got ready to go.

Once upon a time I worked for a company that was a political nightmare.  3 partners owned it, and I was regularly butting heads with the brother-in-law of one of them.  Even though I demonstrated the ability to pay for my entire team’s salary for years in operational savings I was still laid off when push came to shove.  A year or so later, my former boss at that job started texting me out of the blue, then called me, then added me on LinkedIn and Facebook.  It was so weird to me, that I stayed in touch with him out of curiosity, wanting to know what his end game was.  He recently moved to Phoenix so when he saw I was traveling through he started reaching out a lot to see if I wanted to get together.  He was kind of on the way to the next stop on my tour, so I agreed to meet him for lunch.

That was nice.  It was a good drive and basically even though he can’t say “I’m sorry”, that’s what  he wanted to do.  Apologize for the way things went down.  We probably won’t ever be close friends, but nice not to have any anger towards him.  After lunch in Cave Creek at a biker bar, I got on the road, taking the Carefree Highway to I-17 to Flagstaff.

Once I got to Flagstaff I pulled out my phone to start pulling up instructions to page and found out it hadn’t been charging.  My bike has a pigtail attached to the battery to connect it to a battery tender.  I’ve got a cigarette lighter adapter that I can plug into the pigtail, then I can plug a charger into that.  My phone had been plugged in for the whole ride up.  What had happened, was that the factory installed the pigtail on the exhaust side of the bike.  At some point, the pigtail had slipped from the ziptie they used to attach it to the passenger’s peg and the end had hit the exhaust and melted a titch.  Once it melted it shorted out on the exhaust and blew the fuse.

I’ve been collecting HD poker chips, so even though it was out of the way I ran by the dealer and bought a new pigtail and a chip.  Then I installed the pigtail in the parking lot, this time routing the cable to the other side of the bike.  Once it was done I got on the road to Page again.  That ride got a little dicey.  Crazy winds, some rain and some snow, but it was well worth it once I got to Horseshoe Bend.  It was gorgeous!

A friend of mine owns a company that hand makes longboard skateboards.  They recently started selling HydroFlask bottles with their logos on them.  I brought one along on the ride to get some “lifestyle” photos for them.  I’ve propped it up along the way, on the bike or on some fence post, but didn’t have any pics of it with someone holding it.  On the walk from the parking lot to the bend (3/4 of a mile) I started talking to one girl.  Turns out she had an incredibly attractive friend, so when we got to the bend, I asked her friend if she’d be my model and if she’d mind if I posted the pics on social media.  She was totally cool about it.

On the walk back, some Russian girls where on vacation started talking to me.  They were doing a tour of the major monuments and parks in the southwest.  When we got to the parking lot, I left them when we passed my bike.  As I was getting geared up, one of them came up and asked what direction I was headed in.  When I told her I was going to Page, she asked if I’d be willing to give her a ride to the Wal-Mart there.  Her friends took my bag in their car so the seat would be open.

It was fun.  She was whooping and hollering back there she was enjoying it so much.  I felt totally guilty, it was only about a mile and a half in a straight line from the parking lot of the Horseshoe Bend to the Wal-Mart parking lot.  No curves, no bends, no real fun.  But she loved it.  After I dropped her off and got my bag remounted, I refueled and headed out to Kayenta, Az.  The sun had sent and it was freezing, literally.  By the time I pulled into the hotel I was a Seansicle.  I didn’t even eat dinner I was so cold.  Just cranked the heat in the hotel room, took a hot, hot shower and crashed.


Day 8

Mom, Dad and I (mainly Mom and I behind Dad’s back) had decided that I’d stay home with Dad on Day 8 while she went to work.  When I woke up on the morning of Day 8 he and I went for a walk.  The two things he’d been told to do were walk and drink a lot of water.  I got home at about 1:00am and was supposed to walk with him at 6am.  I wasn’t totally with it, but we went and did and it was pretty much a non-event.  But when we got home, mom told me that while I’d been gone, he’d gotten pretty sick and spent a fair bit of time vomiting the night before.  So she’d called work and told them she was taking the day off.  The argued at first, so she told them she’d retire then if she needed to.  After that, they decided maybe she could have the day off after all.

Since Mom was going to be home and Dad was feeling a lot better, I was kind of unneeded.  But I couldn’t take off, we decided we’d make a judgement call on Friday (Day 9) about whether or not I should stick around.  My friend was still in town, so I picked them up and we went up to downtown Gilbert, Az for brunch.  Snooze is a restaurant that started in Denver and has spread to Az and California.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants, but it’s really hard to get into on the weekends, so I decided to take advantage of the week day to get in.  It was great, as expected.  After that we wandered a bit and I dropped them off.

Dad was doing good that day.  Was sitting up a lot more, we went for a couple more walks and things went well.  So it was a pretty uneventful day.  Caught up on reading, napped and decided that if he continued to feel well, I’d head up to Page, Az to try to make the most out of my trip.  I’ve always wanted to photograph the Horseshoe Bend.  So I made reservations in Kayenta and Albuquerque for my return trip.

Day 7

Woke up on Day 7 at my parents’ place.  Dad was feeling pretty craptastic and would get up for a few minutes, walk around, try and sit, hate it after a few minutes and go lay back down again.  He was still pretty wiped out from spending the night in the hospital.  He had his work done at the Mayo clinic, which is an incredibly nice facility but at the end of the day it’s still a hospital.

He and I had been looking at an old laptop when I was there a couple days before, trying to decide whether he needed a new one or not.  I’d send him a solid state hard drive (SSD) a couple months before for another project and he hadn’t used it.  I thought that might speed things up a bit, so while he was napping I rode the motorcycle to the local Fry’s Electronics and got some goodies.  I came back, made a bootable USB thumb drive with a Windows 10 .iso file I’d downloaded while I was gone and installed the new SSD into the laptop and installed Windows 10 with the original installation code.  This project kept me busy most of the morning and early afternoon.  Once I got the laptop up and running, it was a little zippier and I started updating it and configuring it to his specific preferences.  He seemed engaged and happy with it.

Dad seemed to be doing pretty well.  Mom had taken a bit of time off, between a month at the end of 2016, two weeks for their Europe trip and then the weekend and some days earlier this week for the surgery so she felt like she needed to get back to work.  We talked about it and decided I’d stay another day or two so that Dad wouldn’t be alone.

I had a friend in town and Dad seemed to be doing ok and Mom was with him, so I headed out to hang out with them.  They were only here for a short while, and had never seen Arizona before, so I took them out on 60 to Superior because it was close, has great view and I wanted to turn around at Superior and come back into the city as the sun was setting.  We timed it perfectly and they got some gorgeous views.

After totally geeking out for awhile, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse and saw the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast”.  Mock all you want, I’m okay with it.  A) I’m a sucker for a good musical B) I’d seen the animated version and it was fun to see the transition and C) it had Emma Watson and she’s a cutie D) they had this Mr. Pineapple beer that was amazing and I was happy to sit anywhere for 2 hours and drink one of those.

Dropped my friend off at their hotel and headed home for the night.  It wasn’t an exciting or super productive day but it felt good to help Mom and Dad out a little and to see Dad doing better.  And even though it wasn’t a super long ride, I still got a couple hours in with gorgeous views.  It was pretty neat to see the difference in downtown Gilbert and Chandler since when I lived here.

Day 6

So.  I woke up on Day 6 feeling a little weird from the night before.  But I also felt better.  I don’t know what “closure” there was, but it was there and I slept well.  Got up and walked the campus in the daylight.  Went into the bookstores to see if there was any UofA schwag I needed to buy.  Went into the art store and drooled over art supplies even though I didn’t need them, then went back to the hotel, got packed-ish and headed out to lunch at Trident Grill, a military bar.

After lunch I went back to the hotel and finished loading the bike up and headed out of town.  I stopped by the north Tucson Harley dealer to pick up a poker chip.  I have to figure out what my “rules” for those are.  Do I have to go to the dealership on a motorcycle to get a chip and display it?  Or if I’m in the area on business travel and stop in does it count?  I’m pretty sure if someone gets one for me I won’t ever display it unless I was with them.  That was fun.  The front counter girl was really cute and waved to me across the parking lot when I pulled up, then came part way out to meet me when I stopped to take a picture of a VIP parking spot they had reserved for Purple Heart recipients.

After I left, I headed back up to Phoenix going the back way.  Back through Florence to Coolidge to Chandler.  I wasn’t in such a rush this time, so I stopped along the way, taking photos of the Pinal Pioneer Parkway sign, at the Tom Mix memorial and of random things on the way.  At one point I passed a 6 foot long rattler sunning himself in the other lane.  At Florence I stopped for gas and chatted with another dude on a Harley who was kind of goofy.  He was wearing camo pants that weren’t US military issue, was open carrying a pistol and claimed to be a vet from 11th group.  I’m going to call BS on that one.

I made it home and it was kind of shocking to see Dad.  He was in a lot more discomfort from the operation that we really thought he’d be.  Some of the past ones had gone so well that he’d kind of gotten cocky and was fairly nonchalant going into it.  But as soon as I got home,  I headed back out the door to get his prescriptions filled and to get some other supplies.  For the first time in years he was having me fill the prescription for painkillers, “just in case”.

It was pretty uneventful after that.  Just hung out in case the family needed anything.  Did a little more research on the return trip and coming up with some contingency plans.  Originally, when I was leaving Tucson, I thought “Oh, well the doctor said that Dad can’t drive, but nothing says he can’t ride.  Maybe we’ll still roadtrip.”  But as soon as I got home and saw how much discomfort he was in, that went out the window.   Then I started thinking that maybe I could still see my Army buddy in Las Vegas, but instead of going home through the snow after that, I’d head out to LA, see an Army buddy there, then come back to Phoenix, check in with the folks and spend the night and then head home.

Day 5

Day 5 was kind of weird.  Normally when I visit my parents it’s an incredibly relaxing experience.  I don’t know if it’s them, their house, the heat that bakes the stress out of me or what, but normally I leave their place calm and centered.  That didn’t happen this time.  And Dad and I had some difficult conversations while driving.  He asked me whether I blamed him or held a grudge for moving so much as kids and my opinion on some of his other parenting decisions.  Day 5 I was just exhausted.  I woke up a couple of times during the night and didn’t sleep super long.  I spent a couple of hours hanging out with a good high school friend.  He joined the Navy about the same time I joined the Army, so all our stories and shared experiences don’t end at high school.

That was fun to hang out with him, but at some point when I got to the hotel I just crashed.  I remember telling myself it was kind of late for a nap but next thing I knew I was waking up a couple hours later.  I wandered down the street to have dinner, then met up with my buddy for beers again at a new bar just a couple blocks away from my old dorm.  After he headed home I toured the campus.

It was a weird experience for me.  So much was the same, so much had changed.  Partly I didn’t walk it during the day because I was beat and slept in late, partly because I wanted to walk it at night.  When I went to school here, 25 years ago, I used to wander the campus at night when I couldn’t sleep or wanted to be alone.  Or we’d get drunk and ride our mountain bikes from frat house to frat house, hitting every flight of stairs along the way.  It seemed more natural.  But it was surreal.  There’s a building across the street from my old dorm.  It’s got a very distinctive style and when I saw it, I realized that I’d dreamt of it numerous times over the years.   I don’t really remember my dreams when I wake up, but when I saw it, snippets of them came flashing back to me.

There was a little sense of failure to deal with walking around.  I always enjoyed my time here, and in hindsight, I’m having trouble remembering why I left exactly.  And there was some guilt about being here instead of at the hospital with them, even though I know if I were there, THEY’D be feeling guilty about it.

There’s some antsy-ness.  I want to be on the bike, riding and just leaving a lot of stuff on the road, I feel kind of trapped right now, like I’m wasting valuable time.  Then there’s the news that snow is coming to Denver about the time I was planning on heading home.

Day 4

Mom and Dad just got back from Europe.  My little sister took them to Rome, Spain and France.  It’s a trip that was planned for awhile, so my folks were thrilled to find out when Dad’s operation was scheduled that he’d still be able to go.  Because Mom took so much time off for the trip and then was asking for this week off to be with Dad during/after the surgery, she had to work Friday and Saturday and I didn’t get to see much of her.  So it was nice to have her around on Day 4.  I got up early and wrestled with myself (no, that’s not a euphemism.  Get your mind out of the gutter!) about whether to go for a run or not.  My parent’s neighborhood backs right up to protected land with lots of hiking and biking trails and I usually like to do some trail runs when I’m there.  But I’m NOT a morning person and if I want to run, I generally need to leave by 6:00am to get out, run and get back before the heat hits.

I ended up deciding to go and had a great run, but waited a little too long.  I took an out and back path and the return run was miserable.  By the time I got home Dad was up and done with the paper so I headed outside to give the motorcycle a quick wash.  I wanted to get the magnesium chloride residue off of it and a fair bit of the bug guts.  He did a WONDERFUL job supervising the process.

After we finished, Mom was up, so we headed out for breakfast and had a good day.  Stopped by the Harley dealer so I could get a poker chip and drool over the bikes, went to Costco so they could get some stuff and I could show them turmeric, which I’ve been trying to get them to take for awhile now.  And you should take it too, if you have aches and pains.  Got some chocolate cake donuts with coconut sprinkles and then headed home.  I hung out with them for awhile, then left for Tucson.  I took 87 out of Chandler to Florence, then 79 to Oracle Junction to 77 into the city.  I wanted to stay off the interstate and travel some roads I hadn’t been on in decades.  It was a great ride.  Gorgeous if you can appreciate desert landscapes.

The “highlight” of the trip was hitting a swarm of some giant, unknown variety of bugs.  I ended up with bug guts and goo all over me and the bike.  Couldn’t wait to check into my hotel and wash that off of me and then I spent the evening headed back to old haunts.  Lucky Wishbone for shrimp, eegee’s for frozen drinks then riding on Hacienda Del Sol and Sunset to get some great views of the city and see my old house.

I got back to the hotel and it was nice to just enjoy some solitude.  Love my parents, but it was kind of emotionally intense to be with them.  Cancer has just screwed with our family so much, and the anticipation of the surgery, minor as it is, was a little nerve wracking.  Dad’ll probably be fine but it’s a painful reminder that he’s 75 and the pain of loss is coming.  Maybe not tomorrow, but someday.  Having the ride to clear my mind and the happiness of old favorite foods and views was great.

Day 3

Day 3 was pretty mellow.  Dad’s having a minor surgery on Monday.  But he’s still 75 and it’s still surgery, anything can happen.  So instead of taking off on the next leg of my journey I spent a quiet day with him.  Woke up insanely early because I could hear him putzing around.  Did some PMCS on my bike while I had access to a well stocked garage.  Mom makes these breakfast rolls and they were ready by the time I was done.  Yum!

After that, we decided to take a drive up to Sedona and take photos.  I’ve wanted to be side-by-side with Dad taking photos for awhile, so we could talk through composition together and I could give him some pointers.  Unfortunately about an hour outside of Phoenix we started getting alerts that I-17 was shut down because of an accident, so we stopped at a truck stop, had lunch and headed back to Phoenix.  It was funny, this time I was the one who went up to a biker and talked to him.  He’d passed us on the interstate and took both hands off the handlebars and shook them off while going up a steep incline and maintaining speed, so it didn’t seem like he was using a throttle lock.  He also had “MARINE” on the tank, so I went up to him while he was filling his bike, thanked him for his service (while resisting the urge to make fun of him) and talked to him about the after market cruise control he’d installed on his bike.

I’m not 100% sure that Dad didn’t decide to turn around just so he could have a nap.  He laid down for a bit, then we went to mass.  I haven’t gone to a Catholic service in awhile, and it felt comfortable.  I’ve always said that one of the things I like about that Catholic church is that you can walk into one anywhere in the world and the rituals will make it feel like “home”.

The priest is also going through cancer treatment, so he understands.  After the service, Dad went in to talk to him and ask him for a blessing.  It was really touching, he stood kind of between Dad and I and prayed with us, then took my hand, put it on my Dad’s forehead and then covered it with his own and blessed my Dad.  He is from South Africa and just seems so warm and happy and genuine, even in the midst of his own trials.  I know that made Dad feel much more comfortable.  He seems pretty at ease with everything, but while we were walking to the parking lot he mentioned that it gave him more confidence going into the surgery, and that if anything goes wrong, he feels like it helps to point him in the right direction.

After mass, we headed up to my mom’s restaurant.  Shrimp, crab, dirty rice and hurricanes!  ‘Nuff said!  Perfect way to end the evening.

This travelogue is probably pretty boring to read, but I like jotting things down for my own memory.

Day 2

Day 2 started out well.  A friend works for a hotel chain and has a generous friends and family discount, so I had a decent room in Albuquerque without a huge hit to my trip budget.  Hah.  I said “trip budget”.  As If I planned that well.

I had conference calls from 11:00-1:00.  So I got the bike mostly packed, gassed up, took my calls and then hit the road for Arizona.  Albuquerque to Gallup was gorgeous.  Clear blue skies, gorgeous terrain, good roads but windy as hell.  40mph gusts, but after rain and hail that seemed easy, the wind just kept me focused.  After a quick stop for gas and food I headed out for Holbrook, Az.  Same thing, gorgeous terrain, heavy winds.  In Holbrook after a quick stop for gas, I jumped down onto 77 to Showlow.

It was funny, in Gallup a random stranger introduced himself in the parking lot and started talking to me.  He started telling me about how his truck broke down and I thought he was going to ask me for money but he didn’t, just want to talk and wished me a good ride.  In Holbrook someone saw the military emblems on my bike and we had a quick chat before I headed out.

After Showlow was the highlight of my day.  I jumped onto Route 60 and hit the Salt River Canyon.  It wasn’t quite Deal’s Gap, but it was still a blast.  Lots of great curves, and traffic was moving at the perfect pace.  Frequent pull-outs for the breath-taking views and photos.

Before the trip I bought a new leather jacket.  It’s a re-release jacket and there’s a picture of one of the originals made over 50 years ago with the new one.


The company that makes it has a funny, snarky guy who handles their social media.  When you look at the picture, you can see how it was originally whiskey colored just like the new one.  But you can see how most of it has darkened, a lot with age.  OnFacebook, people keep saying stupid things like they should’ve made the jacket in the darker brown.  Their social media rep said “It took 50 years to make that jacket, but we have confidence in you, you can do it!”

That jacket was perfect from Denver all the way to Superior, Az.  But once I hit Apache Junction and started transitioning into Phoenix it hit 92 degrees, even though the sun was down and I started sweating up a storm.  I’ve only had the jacket a couple weeks, I’m well on the road to that 50 years of patina.  This makes me happy.

The sun started setting just outside of Globe.  It was tough, I really wanted to get to my folk’s house.  Other than getting home at the end of this trip, there isn’t a real schedule to this, but I wanted to get here Friday night so I could have some time with Dad before his operation on Monday, so I didn’t stop to take a lot of photos.  But the sunset was so amazing on 60 outside of Globe.  I’d pull over on the shoulder, take a photo, get back on the bike, then start riding again, and 200 feet down the road, the scene change just enough that I wanted to pull over and take another picture.

It was great to hit my parent’s place after 8 hours on the road and 900+ miles in 2 days.