I really, really love it when I come across the perfect gift for somebody.  In the last couple of weeks I came up with two, one for each of two different people.  I have this one friend who is a little…  drama-club-y.  She LOVES big productions and mystery and spiritual stuff and considers herself to be a witch.  So when I learned about The Mysterious Package Company I got really excited.  They’re kind of expensive, but the idea of her getting a different clue every couple of weeks until she got all of them, and this cool statue in a wooden box, etc…  She’s going to flip.  But it’s going to be months of her wondering what’s going on before she gets the final reveal and learns it came from me.  How am I supposed to keep it a secret that long?

My Dad generally LIKES a gift but hates “stuff”.  So for the most part we’re forbidden to get him presents.  He’s a gigantic fan of the B-52.  He’ll go out of his way to drive by one on display and loves telling stories about seeing them take off from the base he was stationed on during the war.  If you’re willing to listen he’s got tons of technical details to bore you with.  Fortunately I love military planes too.

His birthday is early April and I just got an ad for these little keychains/luggage tags made from the “skin” of an old B-52.  Because it’s small and something he put on his key-ring or backpack it won’t take up space and irritate him.  It’ll just be cool.

For the love of Mike, would someone come take away my internet access and my phone and duct tape my mouth so I can’t ruin the surprise?  Please?  This is he worst part of gift giving, keeping my big mouth shut!


One thought on “Gifts

  1. I’m the worst about not telling people when I’ve gotten/made them an awesome gift. It’s like a personal triumph to feel you’ve just nailed it like that. I can’t even surprise my own kids, I start showing them stuff before it’s even finished.


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