I’ve owned a pretty decently sized assortment of motorcycles over the last 26 or 27 years.  Sports bikes, cruisers, endure.  A little bit of everything.  My dream has always been to tour the states by motorcycle.

This year I’ve been blessed with almost 5 weeks of PTO.  I haven’t had anything close to that much since I was in the Army and got 30 days of leave every year.  I finally decided that I shouldn’t be waiting for retirement or some magical lottery win to go ride, I should chunk it up and do it in pieces.  In the past with only a week or two of PTO, I’ve felt guilty to take off and ride.  But with 5 weeks, I don’t feel bad at all taking a 10 day ride.

I’ve been planning this ride since late last year.  Leaving Colorado and doing some big loop, the direction to be determined by weather.  I was thinking I’d go to Arizona, San Diego, Las Vegas and SLC and Moab Utah at least.  I’ve got good Army buddies in SLC and Las Vegas who ride and could spend part of a day touring with me around those areas.  I was planning on leaving here around the 20th of April and probably be back at work around the 1st of May.

I was talking to Dad last night and his operation is scheduled for the 24th of April.  That makes me happy, it fits in perfectly for me to be able to see him before and/or after the operation, or be there to support both of them in any way they need.  This is something I can handle better.  Action points and direction and movement instead of…  waiting.


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