Evil Girl

There’s a girl at work that is, obviously, evil.  Very two faced.  Has bragged to her employees about the people that have been perceived as obstacles to her career advancement that she’s gotten fired since she’s worked her.  Has admitted that if she’s stressed out at work and someone else isn’t she is resentful of them and will attack them.  Has actually admitted that she filed a fake sexual harassment/discrimination complaint against a guy here in the office because of that.  She was having a terrible day and he was happy and things were going well for him.

She’s incredibly unprofessional to boot.  Treats information as power, throws a fit if she feels she’s being left out of something, etc.

Anyways, I’ve bumped heads with her numerous times and have tried pretty much everything I know to try to smooth things out between us.

The other day I was talking to a former co-worker who left this place in the summer and hated working with Evil Girl.

Me:  I’m actually thinking of buying her a Tokyo Joe’s gift card

Her:  Wow, you’re really thinking of everything. I wouldn’t waste my money on her! But that’s because I really really really don’t like her. I know you don’t either, but you have to work with her. And I understand that.

Me:  Yeah, and I like me and want to keep on liking me, so…

And that’s really what it’s about.  I have this self-image and I want to be able to look in the mirror at night and feel like I honestly did what I could to extend and olive branch.  I’ve tried to understand what she’s scared of, what makes her feel like she has to be mean and unprofessional.  I’ve tried to be a professional ally to her.  I want to give up and just throw her under the bus at work sometimes, so instead I’ll give extending some kindness to her another shot.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be a Christmas miracle!


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