A couple of years ago I tried to grow a mustache for Movember.  It was a pretty comical disaster.  So I’m not sure why earlier this year I decided to grow a beard, but I did.  It wasn’t really a conscious decision.  One day I stopped shaving, and then instead of starting again, I just started trimming it.  And when it grew in and wasn’t all patchy like I was expecting as a half-Asian, I was pleasantly surprised and let it keep growing.

Beards are kind of polarizing when dating, women either like them or hate them, there isn’t much in between.  The ones who hate them will either come right out and tell you or hint to you that they really, really would like it if you shaved.

So of course, people have weighed in.  J loved it.  Someone else mentioned that if I ever wanted a chance to kiss them I’d get rid of the dead squirrel on my face.

So yeah, I’ve considered shaving it.  There’s also the possibility of some job interviews in my future and I’m not entirely sure how well the crazy beard will go over either.  But the thought of shaving is kind of weird.  It shouldn’t be, I didn’t think I really cared about it that much.  But it’s causing a little anxiety for lack of a better word

A couple of years ago I went through a pretty big identity crisis when my military career ended and I went through a pretty crazy break-up.  I did a lot to understand who I am and what makes me tick.  But I still aligned myself with a lot of military stuff, still wear the shades, veteran t-shirts, short hair and clean shaven.

I didn’t set out to go for any “look”, I was just curious about whether I could grow a beard or whether it’d look ridiculous.  But now that I have it and am thinking about shaving it, it seems like it’s been a huge step forward in leaving the military in the past.


I’m not saying I want to be the crazy looking biker dude (although there’s two Harleys in the garage) for the rest of my life.  I’m just saying it’s fun to explore and experiment a little.



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