The end of summer 2016 was pretty hectic me.  At some point in there the engagement ended, the tween and I unfriended one another.  Normally those kind of things might throw me into a spin, where I’d keep myself busy to keep from dwelling on the negative, but in this case things were just go-go-go anyways.

So, in the last month:  started a business with 2 other guys (and things are happening!), got accepted to try to finish the last half of my MBA (I’d been accepted before, but now everything is done, all the paperwork, finances, etc.), redid my basement from all the water damage at the beginning of the year, started work on re-financing my current house as a rental property and shopping for a new place to live, the Boy started playing football at school (just walked on the varsity team, never having played before), started a new blog about sales, had a bunch of doctors appointments to try and get some nagging issues cleared up, dealt with an insane amount of political drama at work and started a new job hunt and….  I’m sure there’s more but that seems like enough or now.

A lot of it is really, really exciting.  Fingers crossed!


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