For all practical purposes, the Tween and I ended our friendship tonight.  She asked if we could stay friends on FB so she could see my son grow.  We talked about maybe hanging out with one another in appropriate group situations.  It was mutual, I actually stayed strong when she started wavering.  But that doesn’t make it suck any less.  She was my best friend for a long time, we had a ton of adventures together and saw one another through a lot of bad times.  I learned a ton from her and grew a lot as a result of that friendship.

It’s probably a good thing.  It’s hard to have a successful romantic relationship while you’re also trying to maintain a strong opposite sex friendship.  So things were probably going to change in the future for us anyway when either or both of us was in a strong relationship.  And the tween crossed a line and hurt me bad last year.  I just worked through that, and now it’s impacting our long term friendship.  So I’m beyond mad again.  And hurt again.

Life’s fluid.  Things may change.  But this is the reality I’m living with now.



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