After Action

My Dad goes to church with this guy’s mother (I think).  And she let him borrow his books.  He liked the first one a lot, we’ve been having a lot of discussion this year about PTSD and our experiences in combat, so he suggested that I read it.

Here’s a link to the author’s page on Amazon. I’ve only read “After Action”, but I’m starting the next.

There were multiple times when I had to stop reading and just sit back, amazed that he’d summarized it so well.  He’s not the best author in the world, and sometimes, when he gets too “deep” or “emotional” it…  doesn’t sit well with me.  I can’t tell if the writing isn’t great, if we didn’t walk away with the same feelings, or if it’s so spot-on that it makes me uncomfortable.  But for the most part, this is the best verbalization of the experiences I’ve read.  Might not be accurate for every vet, but this guy and I looked at most things the same way.

If you know of a vet who is having problems describing things, or just want a better understanding yourself, give it a shot, or recommend it.


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