J and I are both pretty quiet, dry people, she a little more-so than I.  We both open up with people we know and trust, but we can be comfortably quiet as well.  Not only are we internal, self-contained people, but she’s also soft spoken which actually worries me a little bit.  After so many years shooting big guns, riding in loud military vehicles for hours on end, and being exposed to numerous explosions (all largely with inadequate ear protection), my hearing is starting to go.  She’s got a softer voice which also falls perfectly in that range where I’m starting to go deaf and so there’s times when her voice blends in with background noise perfectly.  I hate having to ask her to repeat herself.  Not, surprising enough, out of vanity but because I don’t want to annoy her or ever make her think that she’s not important or that I’m not hanging on her every word.

She’s opened up around me a lot this past month, and we’ve been pushing the boundaries, finding out what’s safe to joke about and tease the other about.  We’re both sarcastic and we’ve been zinging one another and chuckling.

I don’t know, but for some reason “Waterfalls” by TLC has been stuck in my head for the last couple of months.  I really disliked the song when it first came out but for some reason I can’t stop listening to it now.  So we were hanging out today and I kept coming back to it, singing it under my breath.  At some point she was making fun of my lack of masculinity and a few minutes later I started singing it again, and then we both giggled a little when I looked at her and said “Huh.  That’s probably not helping with the whole masculinity thing, huh?”  When we got back to the car I plugged my phone into stereo and we started listening to it and talking about it.  She mentioned Beyonce and Destiny’s Child and I told her the joke:



It was stupid and corny.  And we both knew it.  But for the first time since we started dating we cracked up hard.  One of those gasping for breath and laughing so hard, you can’t make a sound anymore, you just kind of wheeze a little and laugh silently kind of laughs.  And of course, because it’s so stupid, every time we looked at one another we started cracking up again.

I love those kinds of moments.


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