Just an excerpt from an email I sent

Just tracking my day to day here.  So, “Dear Diary” :

Had some weird discussions with my Dad last night.  A couple of days ago he gave me a lecture about making nice with my sister, because after he and mom die it’ll just be her, me and my son.  Then the my-sister-being-super-close-friends-with-my ex-gf-and-trying-to-hide-it-from-me thing popped up.  So I told him that I’ll always love her, she’ll always be my sister.  I won’t keep her from spending time with my son, and I won’t cut all ties like my older sister did with us.  But there’s just a limit to what I’m willing to do.  She’s hurt me repeatedly now, and I’m just not going to give her that access anymore.  He wasn’t thrilled about that, but he acknowledged it was between us, and I had to do what I had to do.  Originally he tried to defend her, said that I need to get over the ex-gf thing, and why would I care?  It’s been a long time since he’s been single and he forgets what it’s like.  And once we talked about her lying to me about it, and now getting her fiance to lie to me to cover things up as well…  So he said he won’t get involved and he won’t make judge-y comments.

Also talked about leaving the Catholic church.  That was interesting.  I want to stay a Christian, just not a Catholic.  He was defensive about the Catholic church, understandably so.  But surprising supportive of me leaving.


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