I’m a Pig

I work in a predominately female office.  There are 3 women that are amazingly inappropriate in different ways.  Two just weren’t loved enough as kids.  Their moms never taught them how to dress or act as adults.  One regularly wears skirts that are way too short and no panties and will sit in meetings with her legs uncrossed and somewhat spread.  They both do various things throughout the day to call attention to themselves.  Funny, I remember my dad griping at my mom to “have a talk” with my sisters, or just correcting them on the spot and my older sister would argue back, claiming he was being sexist.  But no, the reality is he was just teaching her how to be an adult, same as teaching me how to not scratch my crotch or pick my nose in public.

The third is a little different.  Mid 40s, no kids, never been married.  Dresses well and carries herself with some class.  But is crazy flirty.  I spent the first couple months here trying to decide if she touched everyone here as much as me, or if she was sending me signs.  She’s incredibly high-maintenance/high-touch as an IT customer, always needing help with computers and technology and her phones and whatever.  Is her touching/flirting a way of trying to make it “easier” for me to help her as much as she needs?  Asking with honey instead of vinegar?  She was showing me some weird behavior with a photo editor on her computer a couple of weeks ago and had thousands of pics to choose from.  Instead of showing me a pic of flowers or her cats, I got a pic of her in a bikini.  A couple of days later she lifted up her sweater and told me to touch her tummy.  I can’t remember why, I just remember the flat, tight abs.

Anyways, she started dating someone before the holidays, and J is in the picture now.  So instead of raising my blood pressure a little and making me wonder, it just seems annoying now.  Sad.  Her constant requests for help seem demanding and irritating.  Which is funny, because that means that her behavior probably was having the desired effect before.  I was a sucker!  🙂


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