I went to this thing last night…

… for church.  They’re setting up these “life groups” which are basically small group discussions.  It’s a mega-church, with multiple campuses and that’s not really conducive for growing.  So weekly they have these small groups for more in-depth discussion about the weekly topics.  J asked if I’d be interested in doing one with her, and I love the idea of us building a strong foundation, so I jumped at the opportunity.

She was sick last night, but she trusted me to get us signed up for a good group.  There’s no real point to this, just cataloging some random observations.

  • There were “women only” groups that filled up fast.  Single women who wanted to focus on the word and weren’t looking at it as an opportunity to meet a fella were signing up for these in hordes.  The “male only” groups?  Really, really empty.  Guys were looking at is a two-fer.  Why not join the singles groups and maybe find a girl while learning and growing?
  • I was waiting to talk to the leader of one group that I thought might fit us well.  The guy in front of me was amazingly annoying.  After a couple of moments I wanted to start mocking him.  This is counter to my “be less judgmental” focus.  But it also raised some questions.  Would I be a bad person for not joining that group because that guy was in it?  If I’m realistic and know that listening to him would annoy me and that annoyance would inhibit my ability to focus and learn and open myself is that a bad thing?  And does being less judgmental mean I have to like everybody?  I think there’s a difference there.
  • There was also one woman who ran a group that I could just feel an instant dislike of.  Body language, looks, etc.  I don’t know what causes the feelings.  And again, judgmentalness – my snap judgments have kept me alive.  Are they all bad?  How much to change?  What to change?  It’s going to take a little more thought and consideration than I’ve given it.
  • It’s hard acknowledging my age.  There were these groups for 20s-30s and those were the ones I wanted to gravitate towards.

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