I did a Habitat for Humanity build day on Saturday with Team RWB.  We had to sign up awhile ago.  Had I known I was going to be in the honeymoon phase with J right now I might not have.  It was hard getting out of bed Saturday morning and leaving her to go do construction work all day.  We’d had a weird-ish couple of minutes Friday evening.  She worked some insane hours all week, basically just grabbing a couple of hours of sleep here and there every day when she could.  We’ve never really hung out at her place.  I kind of thought it was because she’s an interior designer and hasn’t really moved in and made it her place yet.  So she’s always been at my place.  I have told her several times that I didn’t mind going to her place and the last weekend she was here I said something about feeling guilty because she was always coming over here and she said as long as I kept making her breakfast she didn’t mind.  So she was exhausted on Friday and I sent a text about me leaving work for home, and she took that as kind of a beckoning text and me automatically assuming she was coming to my place and I was taking her for granted.  So we had a painful ten minutes or so, but then she was good.  And came over.  And everything was awesome.

So anyways, I went and did the construction project.  And it was good.  I mean, it’s always nice to be doing something good.  But it was great to be outside.  In the middle of winter.  It hit 60.  And was gorgeous in the morning.  Of course it snowed that evening, but most of the day was wonderful.  And it was other vets and friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  Just a good time.  One of the weirdest good parts about it?  The family that’s going to live in the house was there.  The husband and wife.  And they were Muslim.  Which was…  therapeutic, to be in this mindset with all of these military guys and then to be working side by side with this couple, helping them build a new place and the next chapter in their life.

There was some weird stuff.  A good friend that I went to Iraq with ten years ago was there and she and her GF just broke up within the last 72 hours.  But they’d both signed up to volunteer months ago, so they both had to be there.  And I really liked them as a couple, thought it was going to be it.  So that was sad and uncomfortable.  And I had a thing with one of the national directors from Team RWB and had dropped it before Christmas.  But I’d already signed up for the build, so I told them that was going to be the last event I did with them.  So it was a little bittersweet.



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