It’ll be interesting to see what happens…

The world has changed. Blogging isn’t what it used to be. It’s weird to look back at old efforts and see how it grew from a diary, to this thing with an audience and how that impacted the way I thought about things, and conveyed them. Then it changed again. Other forms of social media took hold and blogging turned into something much smaller, a conversation with friends. Then life happened and it became a diary again. But instead of journaling the day-to-day happenings of my life, it became a way to exorcise demons examine emotions.

Originally I fed off the interaction with readers, their comments. But then I thrived on having this safe place to shout stuff out. Back before we were married, my ex-wife used to live with this former soap opera actor. That dude had some demons. One night he got trashed. And cranked music and knocked over lamps and took charcoal out of the fireplace and wrote all over walls. Jumped on furniture and screamed and made an ass out of himself. Blogging became that for me for awhile. Just on a much smaller, more responsible scale.


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